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The House of Luna Futura

by Damir Bojanic

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Sugar Hair 05:19
this is how my prison drowned sky fell into the ground we gave it no thought meeting strangers at the airport just look at our fingers now heaven is smiling down you changed my hell to heck and i hung those angels by their necks and this is the thanks you get? and the word is just a word though it stops me from getting far and a snake is just a bird that just wasn't born right i can't take care of you and i wont be there for you / its not like i dont want this truth is im too scared to do so (take care of your brother take care of your sister) an apple at the back of your head the target was misplaced now young Gessler is dead i deal with corpses everyday i wear my skin to scare them away wrap my knuckles in teeth and nails and i all i own is sugar hair and its all i can afford them then it's "touche"
Ours Polaire 03:44
back away im trying to say i've found a new way to go insane forgave myself years ago now i am back and darker than ever before all i know is all i choose and all this choosing just makes me lose and all this losing makes me see an end is so encouraging and i am trying so very hard not to kill myself because i am selfish i am loved i am stupid i am strong i am forgiving and wrong i am brittle i am bright i am magnetic i am life i am tesla i am jesus i am satan i am freezing i am famine i am conquest i am war and i am death
your mind is a womb and i'm the coat hanger if we let them beat us then this foetus will eat us one must assume i am the danger its all in your mind your mind is a zoo your snakes are escaping these cheetahs are sneaking up on the breeders that feed us the gift shop is empty lions are still hungry there's so much room left in the world there's so much life in comedy death there's so much dirt in the cervix but theres not enough teeth in your pelvis and there's not a lot a lot of soul in your elvis it's all in her mind i am the horse i am the magician
who put the crack in the hive those bees have nowhere to hide who took the sting out my stinger finish me off cut my wings off why don't you cause you are the greatest disaster i've heard this all before you read my mind those children you deserve got left behind who handed that beast my knife he has no one left to fight in all of our dreams we dream in black & white they say the dead are dreaming of life there's one where i'm free-falling down the stairs i'm freezing and holding up traffic cause i'm naked another one where i am a woman and i killed a bear another one where i'm dead
Paracetamol 05:02
in the end there is only one you can taste divorce in the water would you sell your only son / daughter? take a gin & lime take another paractemol i think im going blind where'd you get that codiene from? happens all the time never thought that you'd be the one now you know but you're lucky to even have none if you break the silence in end we all abscond in the end you'll know me by name there are only francophilian puns left dont die baby just cry a little more there are only cigarettes left don't cry baby just die a petite mort
there was a house it was a broken house where children never grew old only became old it's a tragedy when love can't grow then we only know struggles from the inside and we all know how that goes in this house the lights are off and soon the neighbours will come for you and it's a shame how some people need to lash out at their youth when inside you can't deny their lies and the truths though you're never far away and i'm never far enough i have made my bed and i shall die in it it's too late for me so many horses broken guess i spoke too soon the house of the fallen moon has replaced me and if i could see it now i'd burn that place to the ground with them all inside
my father my king son of mankind realm so temporary when you pass i shall reign over nothing at all a forgotten shore this is not my calling no more than i have inherited this crown this title prince of sands i wait in patience this machine is stalling 33% for the rest of our lives i do not resent the sneer in our demise i'm turning it all down i'm turning myself down heritage, ancestral haemorrhage as i turn my back the sea engulfs the land the castle my kingdom reduced to sand like abraham i may shed a tear but for now that day will surely have to wait
Murmur 05:03
i'm sad about the winter im sad about the warmth im sad about the summer im sad about the snow im sad about the loss im sad about the more im sad about the limbless im sad for those who have four but i won't pray and i won't shout it across the rooftops and i won't write a song about it and i won't change the bleeding record that groove has skipped and i am stuck oh my fickle heart im sad about the victims im sad about the war im sad about the sweat im sad about the pour/poor im sad about the first im sad about the last im sad about the future im sad about the past im sad about the bloodstains im sad about the floor im sad about the black hole im sad about the door im sad about the lie im sad about repeating myself im sad about the truth im sad about repeating myself
Linda 04:26
linda i wrote this song for you and that paedophile brother of yours too linda these words are not racist so you may have trouble understanding what i'm saying so linda to hell with you there's a child i know on the second floor wishes to be unborn never no more and i won't ever be around no more too terrified to ever leave that door i'd take your life to even out our score but even then you'd become satan's whore linda i know your pitiful existence has been riddled with a twisted mental illness linda i know it sounds cruel and all but i'll be on the front row of your funeral just me and ken linda take my advice you ruined my life go fuck a breadknife
i need more love so send more love into your heart we need more dogs so send more dogs to tear him apart when you're siding with your own and you're smiling darling but that beast lives in your home parading around in your underwear but i guess that's all you'll know and i'll mind my own business but that's on you i need more faith so send more faith cause we're all out we need more gods so send more gods cause this one broke down
Origami 04:20
there's heavy weather pouring dread into empty hearts looking forward to an end to bend out the start there is no finishing these veins are killing her muscle meats form cylinders i'm feeling sorry for the king i'm feeling sorry for your kin i'm feeling sorry for your grave a wedding present payable on your funeral and a pussy the size of your husband whole focus on the floor let the horse crush your bones the unlucky in love are lucky to be alone i think i need it and i've come to fear it cause i guess i still believe in it feeding on the evidence forever 7/10ths a waste of my intelligence you go outside you say "i'm fine" i wake up and you've died am i dreaming of the war do i think too much about it i somehow doubt but i guess i could be wrong you've taken up far too much of my time with your origami mind are you trapped in me or am i trapped in you? i struggle with this all the time where're you off flying?
for all i'm worth i am a beacon of hope to the dead or blind all i know i am a lighthouse i signal in ships and trade and abortions but i can't even afford them so we sit for a minute as we figure out what those ignorant four-letter words are about but then new york keeps bringing me back to a false sense of home if i were bone you'd be skin takes me forever to just squeeze in i am dirt and you are the water we just make a mess together and forever if i could find someone who hates being right then those dead pirouetting girls were just stains from last night and i won't be held responsible if the murder was right then the words from the fight become justified when we scream to the skies to scare off the night with just random words we are cursed and it's so very contrived but that's the nature of flight that's why we sail into the rocks
borrowed ivory collecting dust killed for love kill for lust my horse he wears no skin just the clothes i sleep in meta homes in homes in homes for metal bones never met such a miserable miserable man than when i saw the invisible man sit on your hands and not on your head eat with your hands and not with your friends they say it's not alpha perfected by gamma and the wolves can't find the moon when hands count for nothing you're left with just fingers and the wolves can help themselves cases stacks you go up that mountain you don't come back crucifix is upside down your fictional demons are so european atmospheres at most spheres are you bleeding or are those tears her head spins around and around about 12 o'clock the next afternoon the wolves looked up and thought they had found the moon but it was just the sun


A collection of songs about growing up, growing old and growing tired of life.

Downloads/CD's feature 4 additional bonus tracks.

Video for 'Sugar Hair':


released June 22, 2013

All songs recorded live at the House of Luna Futura across 2012-early 2013.
Produced/mastered by Dominic Tanner.



all rights reserved



Damir Bojanic Manchester, UK


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